2007 theater Top 10

Dec 27

I can always tell whether a theater year has been good or not so good when I sit down to hammer out my Top 10 list. If I can summon five or more shows simply from memory, it’s a good year. This year’s entire list came almost entirely from memory (which is a feat in itself as the old noggin’ ain’t what it used to be), so it was a good year...

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Make `ShowBusiness’ your business

Oct 12

One of the most interesting documentaries of the year had nothing to do with health care or Iraq. ShowBusiness: The Road to Broadway sort of slipped in and out of theaters without a whole lot of fanfare, which is really too bad because director Dori Berinstein has created a fascinating glimpses behind the scenes of four major musicals opening in New York during the...

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Review: `Avenue Q’

Aug 09

Opened Aug. 8, Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco Raunchy, raucous `Q’ finally hits SF Four stars Monstrously good It definitely doesn’t suck to be in the audience of Avenue Q, the frisky musical that re-imagines “Sesame Street” as an R-rated comedy cavalcade complete with perky puppets. After winning the 2004 Tony Award for best musical (take that, Wicked!),...

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`Q’ Marx the spot

Aug 08

With all the wild and wonderful denizens of Avenue Q heading into San Francisco’s Orpheum Theatre this week, you’ll want to check into the Theater Dogs frequently. The characters _ both human and puppet _ will be doing some guest blogging. For now, though, let’s chat with Jeff Marx (above left), the co-creator — with Bobby Lopez (above right)...

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