Lovely Rita

May 27

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Dogs. A family member in Reno tipped me off to the following column by Reno-Gazette Journal columnist Siobhan McAndrew that ran in today’s paper. The gist of it is that after a speaking engagement, Moreno — the Bay Area’s own diva — reportedly dropped a casual invitation to the writer and her entourage to join...

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Wonder Woman sings!

Apr 27

Lynda Carter and I are bonding over the phone. I tell her that for my 11th birthday, my parents took me to the Sahara Reno (no longer there) for a big show. The maitre d’, knowing it was a big day, took us to a table right next to the stage, and we settled in for the headliner: Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter. Though she wore glittery gowns with nary a...

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Oh, joy — it’s JudyCast!

Feb 05

The stage isn’t the only place for theater these days. And as a wise man named Peter Allen once said, “Everything old is new again.” It seems radio has been reborn in the form of podcasts, and no one is exploiting the form quite as brilliantly as 25-year-old New Yorker Bill Phair, the one-man wonder behind “The Entertainment Beat with Frances...

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Like buttah

Nov 14

Read our music critic Jim Harrington’s excellent review of the Streisand concert here. At first, Barbra Streisand was the kooky kid with the voice. Then she was an Academy Award winner and a box-office sensation. By the time she was a mother, feminist, activist and superstar, Streisand was already a legend. But what does a legend do to remain legendary? In...

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More Barbra love

Nov 10

While I’m at it, I thought I’d share with you this treat from the folks at and It’s a live recording session of La Streisand singing “Make Our Garden Grow” from Candide. I have no idea why this beauty has never been released. And there are others on YouTube. Look for Streisand singing...

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Full-on Barbra love

Nov 08

On Monday (Nov. 13) I will be one of thousands making the trek to San Jose’s HP Pavilion to see Barbra Streisand say farewell to live performance (again). I’m admitting it here, in public, amidst my Dogs, that I am a lifelong lover of BS. I’ve been with her through it all, including good taste and bad taste (hers and mine), good movies and bad...

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