`Mamma Mia!’ and other movie musical mistakes

Jul 30

I know some people who have just flipped over the movie version of Mamma Mia! now plaguing movie theaters. I am not among them. Having seen the stage version several times, I knew just what I was in for. I enjoyed the show on stage, especially the first time, when the show made its U.S. premiere in San Francisco. I adore the music of ABBA and though the stage...

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You can’t stop the beat!

Apr 03

Brooklynn Pulver (above center) is Tracy Turnblad in the touring production of Hairspray. Photo by Phil Martin Last summer, it was yet another musical breathing new life into the revival of movie musicals. This summer, it’s an actual, three-dimensional live musical happening before your very eyes. Hairspray, one of the happiest musicals around, is returning to...

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Stage presents: A theater gift guide

Dec 06

So many fine gift ideas, so little space. Let’s get started with some great theater books. In the realm of books about theater, this year’s standout comes from San Mateo native Thomas Schumacher, who also happens to be the president of Disney Theatrical, the producer of such hits as The Lion King and Mary Poppins. Schumacher’s How Does the Show Go...

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Road trip = show tunes!

Aug 05

Howdy, Theater Dogs. I’ve been on vacation for the last week or so, but I’m back, eager to bring you interesting tidbits of theater news and reviews. Took a roadtrip up the Oregon coast — took 101 from San Francisco to the beautiful little hamlet known as Rockaway Beach. Breathtakingly beautiful pretty much the entire way. I highly recommend it. At...

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`Hairspray,’ a movie musical to love

Jul 18

Summer has finally arrived, at least it has for me. Living in the cool-to-cold, foggy Bay Area, I seek my summer thrills in movie theates (sorry, but the thought of outdoor summer theater in the Bay Area fills me with dread — except for California Shakespeare Theater, whose skills transcend the cold). I found summer in Hairspray, the hilarious, joyful movie...

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`Hairspray’ clips

Jun 28

Excitement is mounting for the movie version of Hairspray, which opens July 20. I know several people who have seen early screenings of the movie and they LOVE it, so push all thoughts of lousy Broadway-to-movie musicals aside (hit the skids Rent, back to the basement Phantom, off to summer stock Producers). First up is a clip of Zac Efron as Link Larkin singing a...

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