TheatreWorks’ Wheelhouse takes the road to nowhere

Jun 10

TheatreWorks’ <i>Wheelhouse</i> takes the road to nowhere

The members of GrooveLily, vocalist/electric violinist Valerie Vigoda, keyboardist/vocalist Brendan Millburn and drummer/vocalist Gene Lewin seem like such nice people. They seemed nice in 2004 when their Striking 12 (a pop-rock re-telling of "The Little Matchgirl") sparked with audiences at TheatreWorks, and they seem even nicer in their new concert cum autobiographical theatrical piece Wheelhouse, now having its world premiere courtesy of TheatreWorks.

The fact that they seem so nice makes it hard to say that I found Wheelhouse uninteresting. Nice but bland. It's like being forced to watch somebody's home movies while they play songs they wrote to accompany them.

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GrooveLily cancels `Sleeping Beauty’ fundraiser

Apr 09

The band GrooveLily (Brendan Milburn, Valerie Vigoda and Gene Lewin, seen above in a photo by Leslie Lyons) has had to cancel its benefit concert for TheatreWorks that was scheduled for Friday, April 10. The reason for the cancellation: family emergency. The group still plans to hold the event, a concert production of their theater work Sleeping Beauty Awakes, and a...

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GrooveLily’s Milburn, Vigoda tune up a new musical `Story’

Dec 02

Husband-and-wife team Brendan Milburn and Valerie Vigoda follow up the success of Striking 12 with a new two-person musical, Long Story Short, a TheatreWorks production now at the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alto.   The last time we got into the GrooveLily groove was about four years ago when TheatreWorks produced the group’s terrific holiday show/concert,...

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