Requisite ‘Grease’ post

Mar 05

As per last week, if you want to know what happened on TV’s Broadwayest “reality” show, check in with our friend Seth Rudetsky at here. Mr. Rudetsky’s blend of Broadway theater know-how and intense sarcasm is irresistible. This week was all about the Dannys. Apparently they had to take improv classes, learn to box, swim and get...

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The ‘Grease’ curse

Feb 27

As if that terrible TV show “Grease: You’re the One That I Want” wasn’t enough to prove that the musical Grease has run out of gas, check out this story from Holland. During a production of Grease, the two stars — Danny and Sandy (right) — were in a stage car (presumably during the drive-in scene), when their little car (made out...

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Oscar, You’re the One That I want

Feb 26

The Academy Awards came and went without making much impression. Ellen DeGeneres was fun, just as you’d expect. The nicest surprise to me was the best foreign film winner, The Lives of Others. Fantastic movie. Deserves every prize there is. Enjoyed watching best supporting actress winner Jennifer Hudson wipe the floor with Miss Beyonce during the Dreamgirls best...

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Greasing the Arrow, etc.

Feb 19

True to my word, I didn’t watch the oily reality TV sludge known as “Grease: You’re the One That I Want” on Sunday night, even though it’s a long holiday weekend with nothing better to do. I did catch up with some Monday morning quarterbacking on the previous night’s episode, and it seems that Jason (our local San Mateo native) is...

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`Grease’ pit

Feb 12

Now this is what you call bad television. “Grease: You’re the One That I Want” is two hours of “reality” television at its worst. I know television networks have no shame, but NBC can’t be proud of this lame attempt to spin some “American Idol” luchre their way. We finally get through the monotonous preliminaries to the...

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Oil slick

Jan 23

“Grease: You’re the One That I Want” is the worst kind of “reality” TV tripe. So why am I watching it and sort of looking forward to Sunday’s TWO-HOUR voting show? From the outset, I wasn’t going to watch the show at all. Other than “Project Runway,” I don’t do reality TV (insert snobby sniff-sniff here). I...

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