Bless my Blu-ray forever…

Feb 06

The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews, 1965. TM and Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved. Courtesy: Everett Collection.   Back in the dark ages of VHS, I remember being thrilled when I could actually buy The Sound of Music and watch it whenever I wanted, not just on whatever holiday the networks chose to trot it out. Ever since I saw the...

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Mark McKinney: From Kids to `Arrows’

Jan 31

Mark McKinney (above right) spent last Saturday night onstage at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts Theatre with his fellow Kids in the Hall: Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald and Scott Thompson. The Canadian comedians were the deserving subjects of a SketchFest tribute. Though he’s best known for his Kids characters — the Chicken Lady,...

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Make `ShowBusiness’ your business

Oct 12

One of the most interesting documentaries of the year had nothing to do with health care or Iraq. ShowBusiness: The Road to Broadway sort of slipped in and out of theaters without a whole lot of fanfare, which is really too bad because director Dori Berinstein has created a fascinating glimpses behind the scenes of four major musicals opening in New York during the...

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`History’ shmistory

Nov 27

Don’t you love it when a celebrated London/Broadway play gets filmed with the original director and original cast? OK, so that hardly ever happens, but it has happend with Alan Bennett’s The History Boys. The play was hyperbolically huzzahed in London, and in New York, it won a ton o’ Tony Awards earlier this year.. Last week (at least in San...

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Kathy & Mo & Escape

Sep 27

The thought of a theater blog seems frivolous to me sometimes, especially on days when crazy men take hostages in a school. Or bombs fall in the Middle East. Or homicide rates ratchet up to 112 in cities where life should be better. I guess it seems frivolous a lot of the time in this world. But when there’s stress and darkness outside, I retreat inside, and...

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Drama geeks

Aug 23

Just watched an interesting DVD documentary about Stagedoor Manor, the summer camp for pre-teens and teens who just gotta sing and gotta dance. Famous alumni of the camp include Zach Braff, Natalie Portman and Mandy Moore. Reese Witherspoon said that a counselor at the camp told her to never, ever sing in public (as you may recall, Ms. Witherspoon won an Oscar this...

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