Dreamgirls is a flashy dream

Aug 27

<i>Dreamgirls</i> is a flashy dream

Dreamgirls, as a movie, seemed apologetic that it was a musical at all. Set in the Motown-ish world of a Supremes-ish girl group, the story lends itself to abundant music without straining credibility. But on the Broadway stage, the music world was only a façade – the real music came from the musical, you know, when people actually sing about how they feel. On screen, when Dreamgirls had to start singing about emotion rather than just sing, it got sheepish. Oh, please don’t mind us. We’re just going to emote for a minute. We’ll get back to the flashy editing and glitzy Beyoncé moments before you know it. That’s not how Dreamgirls should live. This is a show that needs to be seen on the stage. The touring production of Dreamgirls now at the Curran Theatre (under the auspices of SHN) – the tour that opened last year at Harlem’s famed Apollo Theatre – is dazzling in many ways, but it truly gets that this is a performance work that needs to move and sing and only stop long enough to pour on the diva moments.

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Frenchie Davis ready for `Misbehavin’

Jul 25

When her stint on season two of “American Idol” flared into controversy, Frenchie Davis became infamous. The promising young singer had been kicked off early on because of some risqué photos found on the Internet. The singer managed to turn that infamy into hard-won fame through sheer hard work and by maintaining a focus on what was really important to...

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Grammy’s `Awakening’

Feb 11

With an archaic-sounding category such as the Best Musical Show Album, it’s no wonder the award (and the winners) don’t make it onto the prime-broadcast. Still, there are those of us who care about show tunes (the REAL alternative music), and we care deeply that Spring Awakening writers Duncan Sheik (music) and Steven Sater (lyrics) won the 2008 Grammy...

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Jennifer Holliday: Happy at last

Nov 20

For Jennifer Holliday, the original Effie White in Broadway’s Dreamgirls, life has had its share of nightmare moments. Only 19 when the tumultuous Dreamgirls development process began, and 21 when the show opened in 1981, Holliday became an instant Broadway legend as soon as audiences heard her sing the show’s standout anthem, “And I Am Telling You...

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Go, Jennifer! Go, Jennifer!

Jun 27

It ahd to happen: the battle of the Dreamgirls JHs — Jennifer Holliday (Broadway’s original Effie) and Jennifer Hudson (Hollywood’s Oscar-winning Effie). It’s from the BET Awards earlier this...

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Oscar, You’re the One That I want

Feb 26

The Academy Awards came and went without making much impression. Ellen DeGeneres was fun, just as you’d expect. The nicest surprise to me was the best foreign film winner, The Lives of Others. Fantastic movie. Deserves every prize there is. Enjoyed watching best supporting actress winner Jennifer Hudson wipe the floor with Miss Beyonce during the Dreamgirls best...

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