Taylor Hicks gets `Grease’-y

May 17

News from the Rialto: “American Idol” winner (Season 5) Taylor Hicks is going to fly onto Broadway as Teen Angel in the revival of Grease (you know, the one you didn’t want but came with a reality TV show anyway). Hicks, who will be making his Broadway debut (alert the Tony Award nominating committee), is following in the footsteps of other...

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`Shrek’ sings, `Strange’ passes, Clay spams a lot

Jan 22

With that nasty kerfuffle involving the stagehands and the dark Broadway theaters well behind us, it’s time to take a look at what’s going on in New York, where the play is really the thing. Sure wish I could go see Tracy Letts’ August: Osage County, the hottest play on Broadway right now. On a more local front, Letts’ Bug will have its West...

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Clay it isn’t so!

Oct 16

Claymates rejoice while the rest of us ponder why Clay Aiken ever stuck his fingers in Kelly Ripa’s mouth (OK, he covered her mouth with his hand, but like she said at the time, she didn’t know where that hand had been — right on, sister). Aiken, the “American Idol” second-place finisher behind Ruben Studdard, will make his Broadway...

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Oh, Mandy

Nov 30

Am I the only one alarmed to learn that today (Nov. 30) is the birthday of both Mandy Patinkin (Tony Award-winning, over-emoting singer, TV star actor) and Clay Aiken (American Idol and recording star of dubious sexuality and even dubiouser appeal)? Mandy is 54 and Clay is 28. Happy birthday to...

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