High School Musical 3: Senior moments

Oct 29

Perhaps it’s a sign that I’m old and have bad taste, but Disney’s High School Musical 3: Senior Year kept reminding of my favorite bad movie musical of all time: Grease 2. You’ve got a story that goes nowhere, a primary romantic couple that hits a few road blocks but ends up together, a cap-tossing graduation scene and the must unrealistic...

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Ice, ice, baby

Oct 19

Admit it. You’re wondering what it was like. Cheesy? Silly? Stultifying? Genius? Yes, yes, not so much and no. We’re talking, of course, about Disney’s High School Musical: The Ice Tour, which opened Thursday at the Oracle Arena in Oakland and then heads to San Jose’s HP Pavilion. The easy answer is High School Musical, the phenomenally successful Disney...

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Chucky on ice

Oct 10

So many things are good on ice _ lemonade, oysters, the Sharks _ but High School Musical on Ice? Really? Ice Capades and Holiday on Ice, sure. But a made-for-TV movie about chipper high schoolers coming to terms with friendship, self-empowerment and sassy dance moves? Hmmm. Sounds like Disney is going to milk the High School Musical franchise — which already...

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