Enough with the clichés already in A Bronx Tale

Nov 29

Enough with the clichés already in <i>A Bronx Tale</i>

If it feels like we've seen it all before, well, we have. The gangsters, the tormented teens, the tough streets of New York's deeze, dem, dose borough – it's all the same old stuff in the musical version of A Bronx Tale now at the Golden Gate Theatre as part of the SHNChazz Palminteri's autobiographical one-man show or the movie version that served as the feature directing debut of Robert De Niro or the upgraded one-man show that Paminteri took to Broadway and then around the country.

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Review: `A Bronx Tale’

Sep 26

  Chazz Palminteri excavates his childhood in his one-man show A Bronx Tale, at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theatre through Oct. 19. Photo by Joan Marcus   Chazz Palminteri offers a `Bronx’ cheer««« Watching Chazz Palminteri come to life on stage in his one-man show A Bronx Tale, you realize how limiting movies can be. Palminteri has made...

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Chazz hands! Palminteri tells a `Bronx Tale’

Sep 19

If your name was Calogero Lorenzo Palminteri, you might simplify to Chazz, too. Chazz Palminteri has made a career of playing thugs, gangsters, wiseguys and goombahs – maybe those are all the same thing, but with Palminteri, at least you get a little range. There’s serious bad guy, as in Diabolique, the comic bad guy, as in Woody Allen’s Bullets Over...

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All that Chazz…

Aug 26

Let’s go watch a Chazz Palminteri movie … with Chazz Palminteri! While the venerable movie and stage actor is in town with his one-man show, A Bronx Tale (Sept. 23-Oct. 19 at the Golden Gate Theatre), he’s going to head up Market Street to the Castro Theatre for a screening the 1994 Woody Allen movie Bullets Over Broadway in which he stars as a...

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And all that Chazz

Apr 05

Chazz Palminteri, one of the reasons I love Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway so much, is bringing his one-man show A Bronx Tale to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theatre Sept. 23 through Oct. 19. The show will be the final entry in the SHN/Best of Broadway 2007-08 season. First mounted off-Broadway in 1989, the show didn’t become a movie until 1993....

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