Bill Berloni brings out the animal in Broadway

Jul 29

When Bill Berloni barks, Broadway listens. Or, to be more accurate, when Berloni’s clients bark. Or meow. Or chirp. Berloni is the foremost theatrical animal trainer working on the stage today. If you’ve seen an animal on stage in the last 32 years, chances are pretty good Berloni had something to do with it. His very first job was finding a Sandy for...

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My fair Julie: Ms. Andrews recalls `Home’

Jun 25

I share the above photo not because I have a huge ego and want the world to know I had a few quality moments with Dame Julie Andrews, one of my favorite people on the planet. Wait – that’s exactly what I wanted by sharing the photo, which was taken at a stem cell research benefit in San Francisco that Andrews spoke at. The first movie I ever saw was Mary...

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TD Book shelf: `Attack of the Theater People’

May 21

I have found the first Theater Dogs beach book of the summer. I loved Marc Acito’s first novel, How I Paid for College: A Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theater because it was an old-fashioned teen theater geek farce in which Edward Zanni, the high school senior protagonist “engaged in embezzlement, blackmail, money laundering, identity...

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