Hippin’ Shakespeare’s hop, selling Benzali’s Willy, trying Barker’s `Devil’

Oct 01

Always a lot going on in the big, wide world of Bay Area theater, so let’s get right to it. SHAKESPEARE RAPS: The African-American Shakespeare Company is in the midst of MacB: The MacBeth Project, a hip-hop reimagining of Shakespeare’s classic tale of vaulting ambition. In this re-telling, MacBeth is reincarnated as a record industry mogul and his...

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Katie Holmes is actually a live actor!

May 24

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images / Jan. 9, 2008 It’s true! Katie Holmes isn’t just a pretty, skinny Victoria Beckham-wannabe clothes horse; nor is she simply a trophy wife capable of possibly giving birth to her movie star husband’s adorable progeny. No, it turns out that Katie Holmes is actually a three-dimensional acting person. How do we know...

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K-K-K-Katie Holmes on Broadway, `Tales’ in tune

Mar 31

Yes, Katie Holmes, late of Dawson’s Creek, she of the couch-jumping husband, the ever-changing cute hairdos and the impossibly adorable Suri parentage, is being rumored to be heading to Broadway for a revival of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons starring John Lithgow and Dianne Weist. Ms. Holmes must have had a conversation with Jennifer Garner, who had such a...

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