Tip o’ the Hat to Yee’s wacky theatrical fable

Nov 16

Tip o’ the <i>Hat</i> to Yee’s wacky theatrical fable

Talk about your unconventional love stories! Lauren Yee’s charming world-premiere play A Man, his Wife, and his Hat is a romance between an elderly hat maker and his favorite hat.

So where does this relationship leave the hat maker’s wife? Lonely and without a hat, that’s where. When she up and leaves, it’s hardly surprising. The only question was why was she with this chapeau-loving bozo in the first place?

There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense in this story, but that’s part of the point. Yee, working under commission from San Rafael’s AlterTheater has created a quirky fable with a decidedly Yiddish storytelling tilt. It doesn’t all hold together in director Robin Stanton’s enjoyable production, though there’s genuine humor and emotion in abundance.

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AlterTheater opens a can of theatrical `Whup-Ass’

Oct 23

Being a small, ambitious theater company is tough enough in good times. But in an economy as rough as this one, the challenge is even mightier. Marin’s Alternative Theater Ensemble, aka AlterTheater, just might have found the formula for survival, and community is a big part of it. In the wake of the dot-com bust, a small group of active Bay Area theater...

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Theater Dogs Hot list: `War Music,’ Lamott, Wesla, `Coco’

Apr 24

Looking for quality entertainment this weekend? Never a difficult task in the Bay Area. In fact, there’s often too much from which to choose. Here are some tips: – American Conservatory Theater’s First look Festival continues Friday and Saturday (April 25 and 26) with Lillian Groag’s War Music, a theatrical adaptation of poet Christopher...

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