Review: `Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party’

Dec 14

The cast of Aaron Loeb’s Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party performs an elaborate opening number in the SF Playhouse world-premiere production. Photos by Zabrina Tipton.   History, politics, utter zaniness collide in Honest Abe’s `Dance Party’««« ½ Aaron Loeb’s world-premiere play Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party...

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SF Playhouse’s `Big Gay Dance’ season

May 21

It’s worth reporting SF Playhouse’s 2008-09 season just for the name of the second show of the season. Check it out: Shining City by Conor McPherson (Oct. 1-Nov. 22) – Wonderful Irish playwright’s modern-day ghost story. Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party by Aaron Loeb (Dec. 3-Jan. 17) -This new comedy by local scribe Loeb tracks the...

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2007 theater Top 10

Dec 27

I can always tell whether a theater year has been good or not so good when I sit down to hammer out my Top 10 list. If I can summon five or more shows simply from memory, it’s a good year. This year’s entire list came almost entirely from memory (which is a feat in itself as the old noggin’ ain’t what it used to be), so it was a good year...

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Review: `First Person Shooter’

May 07

Opened May 5, 2007 at SF Playhouse SF Playhouse’s sharp `Shooter’ targets violence, video games three [1/2] stars Current, vital We love tidiness in our news. The worse the news, it seems, the less we want to think about it, so we welcome a hasty generalization here, a rush to place blame there. Stories become so simplified so quickly we often lose sight...

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Loeb loads `Shooter’

May 04

Playwright Aaron Loeb is what you might call multitasking. He has a 16-month-old daughter, Talitha Jane; he just moved from Oakland to Berkeley; he’s readying his play First Person Shooter for its world premiere Saturday at the SF Playhouse; he has a short play in the Best of PlayGround festival coming up; and he’s just finished another commissioned...

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