If you’ve ever wondered what I’d look like as a pirate zombie (and I know you have), wonder no more. My dedication to the Bay Area Living section of our newspapers is such that when they need me to go that extra mile and wear makeup for a photo session, I don’t bat a heavily-mascaraed eye (kidding).

My intrepid, multi-talented editor, Kari Hulac, did the makeup, and the story about the joys of Halloween makeup appeared in our Saturday newspaper. The blood is from where my parrot tried to peck my eye out. And those are my real teeth (kidding).

The whole pirate thing also allows me to mention that one of my favorite pieces of theater in the entire world is Pirates of the Caribbean, the ride in Disneyland. I haven’t seen it since the “upgrade” involving new Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow audioanimatronic figures, but I trust the Disney Imagineers to maintain the integrity of Pirates, which is one of the most successfully immersive theatrical creations of all time.

If you think it’s just a ride, think again. It’s theater, matey.

7 thoughts on “Arrrrrrr!

  1. You look like you’re ready to attend a Oakland Raider football game as one of the more sane ‘Raider Nation’ fans.

  2. that’s arrrrrrrr-guably the best photo i’ve seen of you in awhile. you might consider using it for your column sig, no?

  3. Pirates was the ride we all went on after Jon and I were married in the park (2 months ago yesterday). It’s integrated fairly seamlessly. I was trepidatious about it but they did a great job. The integrity of the ride and its story aren’t compromised in the least. 🙂

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